A Guide to Finding Premium Removalists

A Guide to Finding Premium Removalists

When you are looking to move to a new place, so many factors come into play. You need to find that new place in another environment and gauge whether it is ideal for you in terms of closeness to amenities. Also, you are required to find someone, a moving professional, to streamline your moving process since it is never easy.

However, the process of looking for movers or removalists is not easy. There are several things you need to look for before engaging premium removalists. In doing so, the best removalists will handle your precious items with the utmost care and safety.

Who are Premium Removalists?

Removalists are moving experts who ensure to move all your items from the old house to a new home. Removalists receive payment from you, the person who is moving out, to perform various moving tasks, including packing, transporting, and unpacking them in your new place. Premium removalists offer wide-ranging services discussed below.

What do removalists do?

·         Provide the right supplies for the moving

The reason why moving to a new place is not easy is making sure everything is in the right place when you get there. This can be difficult to achieve if you don’t have the right people for the task. However, premium removalists are here to the rescue as they come with all the appropriate supplies for moving. These include packing boxes for each of your items and tapes, among other requirements. The boxes should be enough and of the right size to ensure your belongings arrive safely.

·         Transport your belongings

The most obvious task that removalists do is transport all your stuff to your new place. This includes getting to your current home, packing your belongings, and loading them onto their moving truck. They will then transport the belongings and unload them to your new home.

·         Packing and unpacking services

Premium removalists

This is usually optional for regular movers but premium removalists are expected to offer all-inclusive service, packing, and unpacking as part of the service.

·         Cleaning services

Premium removalists offer cleaning services as part of their moving package. They can clean your current home as you move out and the new home after moving in.

·         Storing Items

This is usually an optional part of the moving service whereby the company you have hired for removals can step in and store your excess belongings for you. This usually happens if the new place is not fully ready to accommodate all the items.

·         Offer insurance for your belongings during the transfer

This is the most important option that premium removalists offer that guarantees safety for your belongings. Insurance protects you from broken or lost items during transit. If you are transporting valuable items, be sure to contract premium movers offering adequate insurance.

Tips for picking the best removalists

·         List down your belongings

Before contacting removalists, you should go through your house and list all your belongings in each room. Ensure to create a list of major, valuable, delicate, and small items in your home. Don’t forget outdoor items in your list.

·         Request for three different quotes

Factors such as distance between the current and new place, the volume of the moving contents, and insurance are essential. A premium removalist explains the costs involved and allows you to negotiate for the best option.

·         Experience and reviews

Becoming a premium removalist requires a few steps and experience. Companies offering removal services should have sufficient experience in the department and a good reputation across the board. Online reviews about their services can also help to gauge their services.


There are so many companies offering removal services. Selecting the best one is not easy. Once you understand what professional movers do, you can easily choose the best one that matches your needs.