Farm machinery hire

Many people out there don’t know that there is such a thing as farm machinery hire. This involves renting second-hand machinery to use (usually on a farm) instead of buying machinery to own and use. There are many benefits to hiring and many farmers out there take advantage of the ability to do this. Farm machinery hire is becoming easier and easier with the use of technology as farmers can easily jump online to view a variety of machinery, obtain an obligation free quote and even put in a booking. Instead of having to buy costly equipment and pay to store it and maintain it, equipment can be hired for only when it is needed. Such equipment may be tractors, telehandlers, excavators, and utility vehicles. Most companies that offer such a service have strong values and wish to support farmers by making farming as easy as possible. Such companies understand how economic and environmentally savvy it is to give business owners the ability to hire rather than every single person buying large machinery themselves. As farm machinery hire is such a beneficial service, this article will further explore this service along with its benefits.

What type of things can be hired?
Different companies tend to offer different things. Some run as more of a marketplace where different businesses pay to be a member and feature their products. Others simply have pictures on their websites with a quick description and a contact area to obtain a quote. Almost all places have tractors and telehandlers to hire. Using telehandlers as an example, this piece of machinery can be hired in different sizes e.g. 3 tonnes and can come in wet or dry options. Some will come with a fully air-conditioned cabin and some companies will even offer the ability to hire a driver. Hiring a telehandler is perfect for those who are finding they need something heavy carried as a once off or they cannot reach a certain place with a normal forklift. If someone was needing to use this machinery everyday then it would make more sense to purchase one outright but as many only need to use this short-term, it is wise to hire instead. Other equipment that can be hired could be generators, air compressors, tractor slashes and much more.

What is the hiring process?
Again, each company has a different process. Some may offer a pay by the day service, whereas others may offer a pay by the hour. Others may simply offer a once off cost. Many places will require a deposit and will require documentation to be signed for insurance purposes. Almost everyone simply requires for farmers to ring them directly to discuss needs and costs. This is because everyone’s needs are a little different. For example, one farm may be close by to the hire location whereas another may be very far away. It would make perfect sense that the farm further away would need to be charged more to cover fuel costs. Other websites will work like a marketplace and will allow a variety of hire companies to showcase their items. When something is found that is liked, the visitor must then sign up to be a member to put in an enquiry. This community-based system can be handy as a wide variety of items and prices and be explored. At the end of the day, everyone’s hire process is a little different, so the best course of action is to simply call the company to have a chat with one of their team members.
As it can be seen there are plenty of benefits to farm machinery hire. It is an environmentally friendly practice that allows farmers to save time and money all while making their work life easier. It can save on storage space and some machinery can even be used to replace hiring labour. A wide variety of equipment can be needed on a farm and a great way to be able to use all of this equipment is by hiring instead of purchasing.