How Busy Lights are Revolutionizing Work Place Efficiency

How Busy Lights are Revolutionizing Work Place Efficiency


If you work in an office environment you are more than familiar with how annoying it is to be interrupted when you are concentrating. Or if you are on a phone call with a client and someone comes past shouting at you. These little things do build up overtime which can affect your company’s overall efficiency.

If you just let out a sigh of relief that you’re not the only who thinks this, then do we have news for you. Busy lights are taking the office environment by storm. These nifty little devices have the capability to transform how your business conducts phone calls as well as office efficiency.

We have explored the many different models and capabilities that busy light has to offer so we can tell you how they will revolutionize your work place efficiency.


What are busy lights?

First of all if you haven’t heard of the term busy light you may have no idea what the rest of this article is talking about. Essentially these devices rest on your desk or at the top of your cubicle to display a different coloured light depending on your availability. Basic models normally use green for available, red for busy and yellow or amber to convey that you are away from your desk.

They plug into the USB port of your computer to run off that power source and to also grant you some bonus features. While not all models will have bonus computer connectivity features, the basic job is to tell your colleagues what your availability is.


Computer connectivity

The modern day business no longer relies upon only phones for calls with their clients. Companies that have clients worldwide generally use Skype or other web based calling applications. Some busy light products have the capability to sync with your current status on Skype. If you are available on the web based application your light will display a green tone. If you set your status to do not disturb it will turn amber and if you’re on a call it will be red.

Other bonus included in more premium products would include tones that would sound when you have an incoming call. This is greatly beneficial in loud and busy work places as it can be heard over common workplace chatter. When you speak over the web based applications the ring tone would normally come through the headphones. The device on your desk will allow you to hear any call that you may receive.


On the go efficiency

If your workplace utilizes open plan working and uses laptops to work, traditional means for efficiency don’t exist. Busy lights can also accommodate for this trend by having mini options that can be utilized for laptops and monitor displays. This way when you are moving your work station around to different locations, you can still tell your colleagues what your available status is. If you are taking calls and need to move your laptop this device will also prove to be beneficial for you.

Skype isn’t the only platform that these devices can sync with. There is an abundance of different web based call applications out there that can all be synced with these devices. No matter what system you or your client uses, you can adapt to the changing work environment while still remaining efficient.

So the next time you get interrupted for taking a call or keep getting asked mundane questions during a tough deadline be sure to look into these devices. If bought in bulk they can save you and your business even more money in the long run!