Judging the Value of HR Internships

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Judging the Value of HR Internships


HR internships can be valued from a series of different angles depending on the perspective of the individual.

From a management standpoint, it is a great method to test young professionals and gauge their competency and persistence to want the role that is offered.

For the intern, they will be thrown into the deep end to learn the ropes and interpret the theory into real life practice.

Is this a valuable exercise?

What can be gleaned from those who participate?

Here we will delve into the major talking points to determine how this practice can work to everyone’s benefit.


Understanding The Profession of Human Resources

Those who manage to pass through HR internships with respective organisations can glean first hand how the department actually operates. It is one aspect to learn about the theory and receive an education in high school and university, but the real world experience offers a tangible insight into the machinations of the job description.

This is a profession that allows individuals to shape the culture of an enterprise where hiring, conflict management, training and development are all incorporated through one team who oversee these key elements of a business. Seeing how these professionals can schedule modules, assess worker performance and essentially oversee an entire operation is an education that is invaluable for anyone wishing to work in HR.


Potential Career Earnings

If individuals are fortunate enough to complete one of their HR internships and be offered a permanent position, they are on course to average approximately $75,000 annually within the Australian market. The important aspect to note here though is that the world of human resources is diverse, so a specialist in conflict management could be earning above or below than an HR all-rounder who can switch between different departments.

The potential career earnings should also calculate the value of human resources, as other professions are becoming more vulnerable with the introduction of technologies such as labour work. There are advancements that are taking place in this role in 2018 to ensure that a young intern has a bright future.




Patience of Internship Limitations

One of the great intangibles that must be identified when looking at HR internships is what is evident with internships of all descriptions. This is a position that can vary in time and scope, and those that are successful with this endeavour have the staying power to preserve, even when it starts to get difficult.

From the travel commitments to the lack of upfront income and guarantees that are offered in the aftermath, managers try to use these roles as an initial gauge to see who is determined and who is only after that shortcut to success. Some intern positions are used and abused by organisations that seek to cut down on costs, but those enterprises that provide a clear pathway of progression prefer to introduce young, hungry and enthusiastic individuals that have the patience and perseverance.


Making HR Connections Through Networking

Those who have been quizzed about their experience with HR internships often come away with one major benefit that will last with them: their ability to network has increased and their contact book is far more dense than it was prior to the position. Speaking with colleagues who have years of experience and advice allows doors to be opened when roles suddenly become available, and having those people to use as sounding boards are vital for young professionals. Even in the instance that the internship does not lead direct to a full-time job for that company, there are connections that are made in these weeks and months that become beneficial for a healthy and fruitful occupation.


The Team Environment

Working within a team environment is something that adds genuine value to HR internships as young professionals receive an education in chemistry and operating towards a collective goal. The education system will bring forth that element from time to time, but it is still a model that is designed around personal achievement and the pursuit of excellence. In the setting of a company where the brand and business is put ahead of the individual, people skills are tested in leadership roles and collaborating with peers. It is invaluable life skills that are learnt during this time.


Personal Circumstances

The personal circumstances of someone looking to sign up for HR internships will go a long way to determining their outlook on the exercise. Where do they live? What other passions or interests do they have? What is their skill set? Do they have personal connections within human resources? What are their expectations? What are their short-term and long-term aspirations? These are all pertinent questions because it speaks to their suitability to the position. If they happen to match the criteria, then the internship will be incredibly valuable.



It is strongly advised for prospective students and young individuals to do their diligence with HR internships. Run a reference over the business in question and study their record with hiring emerging talent. This will offer clarity about their competency to guide and assist these talents.