Modern Advances with Hunter Valley Photography Services

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Hunter Valley photography services have taken their game to the next level when it comes to looking after the interests of their clients.

Both residential customers and business associates are seeking out these outlets to cater to their production needs and in 2019 there are new and innovative ways of matching digital requirements with old school skillsets.

Here we will take a closer look at the modern advances that outlets in this industry have embraced, delivering a professional end product and tangible long-term value.


Wider Range of Client Packages

Diversification is a net positive for clients that want to be able to utilize Hunter Valley photography services without paying for unnecessary features. In the old days there was a reliance on two or three different options that were bundled together and it was a simple ‘take it or leave it’ scenario. When smartphones developed their technology, the value addition was not quite evident. In today’s market there is a greater appreciation for individual needs as packages can be customized to match various budgets and commercial objectives.


Stronger Security and Quality Assurance

Hunter Valley photography services in 2019 are able to go above and beyond what an ordinary run of the mill print shop could offer in previous years. In this setting, clients can ensure that their stock is backed up and stored within the cloud to protect the integrity of their asset. Digital files can be compressed to save on physical storage capacities on attachment files and through email. There is a level of quality assurance that is present with outlets in this region of NSW where every product is delivered in high resolution where pure clarity is produced. Given the advent of smartphone camera innovations, services in this industry have had to match those standards as they have the ability to covert small images to large scale designs.


Inclusion of Video

Still images are widely considered to be the only element that Hunter Valley photography services offer their clients but in today’s landscape they will include video packages. In a region as naturally beautiful and lush as the Hunter Valley with Nelson Bay, Forster and Newcastle all in close proximity off the Eastern Coast of the state, video is key. Many of the same skills that a photographer will utilise can be applied across to videography where positioning, light exposure and telling a story are all part of the equation. This adds value for events and promotions that need to diversify their content.


Social Media Marketing

Clients that tap into the expertise of Hunter Valley photography services are able to have their product watermarked and protected for future brand use. Once they are utilised for a specific campaign, they can be put up for sale on the web to leverage that process and put money back into their pockets. Yet these campaigns will require a coherent and strategic social media strategy to ensure that the images receive maximum exposure. Here is where a modern photographer can filter, edit, crop and brand a picture that will be fit for purpose for a digital endeavour.


Educational Services

It does not take long for Hunter Valley photography services to begin to hook their clients on the fun and creativity that can be enjoyed with this practice. Specialists can be trained for years to have studied their craft carefully, and there will be others who arrived late to the industry and found this passion by accident. Either way there are numerous case studies that illustrate the art of photography is far from dead as companies can educate their staff on the necessary skills and techniques to develop print and craft the perfect image.