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Pool Tile Installation

Pool Tile Installation Service

Pool Tiles create endless options for your pool. They are available in different types and styles. Porcelain Tiles are among the most common found in pools. They are very water resistant and they so not scuff you feet like some other materials. Stone Tiles are becoming an alternative to Porcelain tiles. They bring a beautiful natural look but they are more likely to absorb water. Stone tiles must be treated prior to installation and also retreated every few years. Mosaic Tiles are beautiful, but it is more costly to install due to the labor intensive detail. Mosaic tiles are generally used as a accent or focal point rather than a complete pool installation. Last but not least is the Glass Tile.

Glass tile is available in many different styles and textures which gives it a wide variety for installation. It can be a bit slippery, but if you install textured glass tiles you will find it a little easier to get your footing. For more visual pleasure the glass tile can also be frosted or iridescent. There are a lot of options when shopping around for pool tiles which can seem overwhelming. As a trusted Pool Contractor Company in Queensland Worth we can point you in the right direction.

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