Save Money And Retain Elegance With A Designer Bag For Hire


Save Money And Retain Elegance With A Designer Bag For Hire


You have an upcoming wedding or a prestige event to attend. You like to stay with the trends and only ever wear the best, well known brands. Why spend thousands of dollars on a cute clutch or that gorgeous handbag only to use it for on night and then put it back in its box never to see light again. You may be the kind of person to never be seen with the same thing twice or maybe your attending a once off occasion, that’s OK, no matter who you are you are not being judged, but why waste your money when you could opt for a designer bag hire.


Almost all of the prestige brands are available for hire including Chanel, Dior, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Prada to name a few. These are prestige brands that can cost thousands of dollars for you to buy. You are better of giving designer bag for hire a try and pay a fraction of the cost, you can have your elegant look while having plenty of cash left in the bank.


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As the product will be relinquished to you during the hire period you will be fully responsible for any loss or damage. Unfortunately, this does mean if the item is damaged, lost of stolen, the full price of the product will be charged to you. In choosing to use a hire service you must be willing to accept the terms laid out to you.


After placing your order through a designer bag for hire your parcel will be sent for delivery. Once the delivery has started shipping you are unable to cancel your order, so please choose wisely. If you are not home to receive the parcel then a card will be left telling you when and where your package can be picked up from (usually local post office).


To return your item simply use the packaging supplied and do an over the counter mail with the post paid envelope supplied. You do not have to pay for return shipping. You must have your item returned by 5pm on your nominated return date otherwise you will be charged a late fee or for an extra days hire. You can track all shipment details online as well so you have the peace of mind knowing where it is until it is returned to the store.


Generally there is a minimum of a 2 day hire period. The maximum duration depends on your selection. Some are available for weekend hire, some for weekly and some are available for monthly hire.


While using designer bag for hire you are guaranteed to receive authentic products. When the company buys their bags that they offer for hire they only purchase brand new items. Never will they purchase from a second hand store as this could lead to having fake products, they are unable to check authenticity on them. The products are used by other customers so they will be a used product when you receive them. For this reason you are asked to care for them as if they are your own and return them in the exact condition that you initially received them.


If by chance the previous customer has returned your chosen item late and there is not another one in stock, an alternative option will be offered to you by the designer bag for hire. They strive to keep their customers happy and do not want you to miss out.


By using a designer bag for hire you are guaranteed to have a satisfying experience. You will receive all of your luxurious choices in perfect condition ensuring you look like a million dollars at whatever event you have coming up. Its simple to choose your item, place your order and wait to see your goods arrive in time for your next outing.