Tips for choosing the right Canberra plumber for your home

Tips for choosing the right Canberra plumber for your home

It is not unusual for something to go wrong with the plumbing in your house; sometimes, it could be water dripping from the drain pipes, the faucet not turning off, or a blockage that has created a pool in the bathroom. Hopefully, nothing major.

However, in the event that your plumbing goes “bananas,” what would you do? Have you given that a thought? What happens if you are out on a trip and your kids or spouse calls to say the drain is blocked? These are a few instances where you will wish you have a professional Canberra plumber on speed dial. And you will be sure that they will show up at your doorstep at a second notice.

Most people are of the habit of shoving minor plumbing aside and leaving the plumbing problem unaddressed for long periods. Doing so will only cause you and your family a lot of inconveniences and eventually blow up in your face when you least expect. Not to mention the hefty amount of money you would then have to pay for repairs and replacements.

If you are not sure how to get the best Canberra plumber for your home, here are tips you have on your checklist while scouting for one.

Top tips for choosing the right Canberra plumber

  1. Check Their Credentials

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While you are scouting for the best Canberra plumber for your home, your first point of action is to check whether they are registered with relevant regulatory bodies in your area. Ask to see their credentials and any other document that proves that they are qualified and licensed to handle the job.

Virtually every state requires plumbers to receive their licenses before they can work anywhere. One way to go about this is by checking online to see if the company has the approval of the government to operate in your area.

Sadly, most people fall prey or look the other when a Canberra plumber offers low rates compared to what others are charging. Unless you don’t mind paying for a shabby job, it is always best to insist on hiring a licensed plumber. That way, you are guaranteed peace of mind, and you are also certain that someone who has training and experience is working for you.


  1. Keep Track of Their Timeliness

A professional Canberra plumber should take timeliness seriously. In the case of emergencies, they should be able to show up within the shortest time possible. In addition to showing up early, they should also be able to carry out their jobs in a timely manner.

If timing is going to be an issue, they should notify you in advance so that you can make adjustments to your schedule instead of living you in the dark until the eleventh hour. Because plumbing issues can cause a lot of inconveniences, like flooding your home, you shouldn’t compromise getting a professional plumber who will show up immediately to address the problem.

  1. Check Their Costs

You shouldn’t be in a rush to hire a Canberra plumber without checking their cost. It is advisable that you get a comprehensive estimate for their services before making any decision or engaging their services. Doing so will save you from taking cut-throat offers when you could have gotten competitive prices elsewhere.

While you are at it, that is, when you are examining the estimates, remember to pay attention to every item listed and how they added up to the total cost. One red flag to keep an eye out for is plumbing companies that can’t clearly explain their charges.

You should also be mindful of plumbers or plumbing companies that insist on you making upfront payments before starting your job. From experience, such companies, after promising you “heaven and earth”, they end up delivering services that are short of expectation; and they are usually not trustworthy.

Rounding off

In addition to the factors we have discussed so far, you should also look into how to they respond to emergencies; check to see if they are available 24/7 and whether they operate on weekends and holidays.

Lastly, look at their reviews and references. Every professional Canberra plumber or plumbing company has no reason to hide its reviews. Reviews are meant to inform people of their professionalism and level of experience.