Why Your Business Should Offer Corporate Flu Vaccinations

Why Your Business Should Offer Corporate Flu Vaccinations

Offering corporate flu vaccinations to your staff is a great way to help improve employee health and wellbeing. With all the stress and danger surrounding the COVID19 pandemic, it can be easy to forget about other viruses that can wreak havoc on our bodies, and many employees may not have the time to schedule in their regular influenza jab. They may also simply just wish to forgo their vaccine this year as they’re not too keen on sitting in a waiting room with that many people at the moment. By offering corporate flu vaccinations, you’re providing a solution to these issues and employees who wish to have their jab, but just didn’t want to deal with the stress, will be grateful.

What Are Corporate Flu Vaccinations?

If you’re a little confused by the term corporate flu vaccinations, never fear, it simply refers to offering a program at your office or workplace where employees can be vaccinated for influenza by a qualified medical professional. There are many services that offer this and your local GP or chemist will be able to point you in the right direction if you’re not sure which is best for your business.

How Does Offering Corporate Flu Vaccinations Benefit Employees?

As noted above, scheduling and exposure to other humans have become significant blocks for those who would usually receive an influenza jab. They may also, however, be juggling children and other commitments outside of work hours that provide further barriers to getting vaccinated. Corporate flu vaccinations help combat these issues and can also improve employee morale as providing a service like this shows your staff that you genuinely care about their health. There is also the obvious benefit of having easy access to the influenza vaccine which is that if they’re vaccinated, they’re less likely to end up in bed for weeks with nasty symptoms.

How Does Offering Corporate Flu Vaccinations Benefit Employers?

Offer corporate flu vaccinations

Your staff aren’t the only ones who will benefit from a corporate flu vaccinations program. By showing your employees that you care about them, you will foster greater loyalty to your company, improve productivity (as happy workers are proven to produce more work), increase the quality of your outputs (because happy workers also perform better) and create a more positive work environment. You should also see a reduction in sick leave taken as those who are vaccinated against influenza often present milder symptoms for a shorter amount of time.

Will Corporate Flu Vaccinations Still Be Relevant In Post-Pandemic Times?

A lot of people have been questioning whether to continue getting vaccinated for influenza moving forward as it seems that regular boosters will be needed for the COVID jab and they don’t particularly want to be getting three needles a year given the side effects. The good news, however, is that Novavax is already looking at a way to combine the COVID jab with an influenza shot and once readily available, this should be easy enough to integrate into your corporate flu vaccinations. Not only will employees see this as a valuable service because they won’t have to go book in with their GP and wait with unwell people moving forward, it will also benefit you as a business, particularly if you’re in an area (or have a company policy) that mandates COVID vaccines.

Unlike the pandemic which will (hopefully) be over soon, influenza is here to stay. That means that protecting employees against falling ill will always be a positive outcome. By providing corporate flu vaccinations you can do exactly that and we hope this article has helped show you the benefits of offering such a service.