Tips to Finding the Best Paella Restaurants in Sydney


Tips to Finding the Best Paella Restaurants in Sydney


Patrons who are on the lookout for the best paella Sydney restaurants have a number of strategies they can use.

This is a dish that has been crafted on the streets of Spain where exotic ingredients and traditional foods culminate together in an offering that delights the senses and satisfies the stomachs.

Combining seafood with a variety of rice and vegetables, this is a delicacy that has been perfected in regions such as Valencia, Malaga, Barcelona and Spain.

Now that the dish has an international footprint, native consumers in Australia are still in the process of educating themselves over the quality of paella.

We know what constitutes a great barbecue, what makes a lovely cup of coffee, cold beer or glass of wine, yet this Spanish delicacy is still something of a mystery.

Here we will outline a few handy tips to pointing out a Sydney restaurant that excels at paella.




Quality of the Rice Serving

To help identify the best paella restaurants in Sydney, the first element that must be examined is the quality of the rice. Usually this ingredient will have yellow colouring, but it is important for patrons to discern whether or not the rice was cooked in the pan with the rest of the dish, or whether it was cooked separately and included right before serving. To ensure that the rice is integrated with the vegetables, seafood and seasoning to deliver the best quality product, the rice must be of paella standard.

To help you identify these providers beforehand, ask them if they are classified as an arroceria restaurant, because this will illustrate if rice happens to be their specialty. Establishments that import their rice and cook is separately are not to be entrusted with your business.


Menu Choices

The best paella restaurants in Sydney will be those that offer an extensive range of dishes to their customers. Those that have a limited understanding or interpretation of the food will place limits on what they can offer their patrons, but the top outlets will showcase their arsenal. From meat paella to black, white, lobster, vegetarian delicacies, seafood varieties or paella deriving from specific Spanish locations such as Barcelona, Valencia or Malaga, this will illustrate their competency.


Cooking Transparency

To give patrons the complete dining experience, there will be establishments in Sydney that allow customers to see how the food is made. From sushi restaurants to German eateries and others that offer a unique delicacy, they will attempt to manifest an organic and intimate experience for diners. To help you settle on the best paella restaurants in Sydney, it can be helpful to see the chefs make the dish as they integrate the sauces, spices, rice, fish and vegetables all in one exercise. This will entice the senses as you get a feel for how the food is put together.


Personal References

If you have friends, family members or colleagues who have an opinion on the best paella restaurants in Sydney, then they will be worth talking to. If you are entering this realm unaccustomed to the outlets that are in existence, then it is valuable to pick the brain of people who have their own experience to discuss. What was delicious? Was the food served in time? Was there suitable access? Was it a BYO venue? Speak direct to personal references to get a gauge about the Sydney paella market.


Online Reviews

The final solution to identify the best paella restaurants in Sydney is to conduct research through online reviews. In 2018 it is easy to access Google user ratings and to check shared economy apps that see customers leave ratings and feedback. This will be unbiased commentary from members of the public who have been served in these environments.