List of Things that Should be Avoided in the Supermarket


Supermarket can seem overwhelming at times as there are innumerable attractive and tempting stuff displayed on the shelves. Although eating always healthy and right can be boring, but it cannot be denied that certain purchases can be really harmful in the long run. Not only those items contain GMOs, but are filled with different unhealthy ingredients and should be avoided. Check out these instructions to gain knowledge regarding your valuable health.


  • Grated or pre-shredded cheese

The taco Wednesday is near and you are sure considering buying the package of shredded cheese from the supermarket as it a convenient option. But have you ever wondered why the cheese in the packet doesn’t melt? That is because the firms that are making it cut their cost by supplying fillers that are non-cheese, which also includes wood pulp. It’s like buying bacon and realising half of it is not bacon. Grating your own cheese is the way to go.


  • Boxed cereals

They are the biggest deception. They are termed healthy and shout ‘natural’ or ‘whole grain’ and make us think its the best option, though some are organic and does not contain GMO, most of them are highly processed. They are filled with extra sugar (barley malt, molasses, cane juice, brown sugar, sugar), preservatives like (refined salt and BHT), and are not filling for a long time. The better alternates could be quinoa, whole grain oats and millet.


  • Things that are unwrapped and can touch your cart

Research states that 72% of shopping carts in supermarket contain poop traces on them. And the carts that don’t are still touched by hundreds of hands belonging to sick parents, babies, unhygienic people, heroin addicts and the list is unending. Certain supermarket even offer wipes in order to clean your cart before you start shopping but chuck those and might as well make use of bags to avoid any dirty contact.


  • Hummus, Salsa and Guacamole

Such manufactured brands that are open now come with extra calories and chemical addictives and you just make it worse for yourself. Also mainly because the things used for making it are usually out dated and going bad. Those squishy avocados or tomatoes that are semi rotten get salted, repurposed and stuffed into packaging making you spend on something that you’d otherwise throw away.


  • Flavoured yogurts

These items are also considered super healthy by many people. But be it coconut, soy or almond, the chances are that they all contain added sugar that just leaves back more craving for sweet in the body. It has less fruit and even less fiber, so try making one of your own at home. It takes time and effort but then there’s no substitute to health.


  • Lunch meatsmeat

Very high in animal protein and carcinogens and also raise the chances of diseases like cancer, obesity, heart disease or diabetes if eaten in excess. They contain great amount of corn syrup, refined sodium, nitrates and bacteria. Rather buy green peas, lentils, almonds, pumpkin seeds, spinach, kidney beans etc


  • Diet products

Sugar free, calorie free, fat free and more, these look quite tempting if you are trying to lose weight. But these food items do not serve well in the long run. These artificial items contain genetically modified stuff like soy and corn, artificial sweeteners, hard digesting fiber and proteins, which leaves you more weak than energetic. Rather switch to organic food that offers you required amount of nutrition.